Oakhill Primary School

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Reading is at the heart of learning at Oakhill Primary School.


At Oakhill Primary School, we intend for our children to develop a life-long love and passion for reading. We aim for all of our children to be confident, fluent readers who read widely, read often, read for pleasure and read to learn. We enable our children to be able to choose from a wide range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry books throughout their years at our school. Our pupils will not only be passionate about reading, they will also develop a full range of comprehension skills to deepen their understanding of what they read. Across the whole school, we use the Collins Big Cat scheme. For younger pupils, this links to our chosen phonics scheme (Letters and Sounds) and runs right the way through to Year 6 where pupils can access a wide of challenging texts including Shakespeare! Pupils can even access books from our reading scheme from home using the Collins Ebooks site/aoo which the school subscribe to. This gives pupils and parents a huge range of books (at the pupil's level) to choose from.  


Our aims:

- To develop a love of books and reading.

- To develop reading strategies and skills: fluency, accuracy, understanding and response to different texts.

- To read and enjoy a variety of texts from a variety of sources: local libraries, school collections, class book corners, ICT, etc.

- To create a strong, embedded reading culture through a rich language environment within classrooms and the wider school environment.

- To deliver a structured and consistent whole school approach to reading.

- To recognise the value of parents / carers as essential components in supporting and developing children’s reading skills and love of reading.

- To rigorously monitor and assess children’s progress in reading and identify those who require extra support and intervene at an early stage.

- To ensure that children are reading at an appropriately challenging level through the use of running records.


Our reading curriculum has been designed so that children learn to read and then read to learn. Teachers have high expectations for all of our pupils and secure reading subject and pedagogical knowledge to ensure all children reach their full capability. We do this through:

  • Phonics lessons;
  • Guided reading sessions (Y1);
  • Whole class reading sessions (Y2-6) and,
  • Individual readers (following the Collins Big Cat Scheme)



Pupils have a 10-15 minute daily phonics sessions. In addition to this, from the beginning of Nursery, children take home a picture book from our reading scheme each week to share with their parent/carer. 



The main focus in Reception is on phonics, therefore all pupils have a 10-15 minute daily phonics sessions and twice weekly high frequency word sessions. Each pupil has a reading book in line with their phonics ability. These books are phonetically plausible. Pupils have a one to one reading session at least once a week. 


Year 1

Pupils in Year 1 have individual reading diaries that go home each day with their book band reading book. Pupils have a one to one reading session with an adult at least once a week. From spring 2, pupils take part in a weekly guided reading session.


Years 2 - 6

All pupils are listened to read by the class teacher at least once per fortnight. Pupils have three morning activity sessions per week when they read their individual reading books taken from our Big Cat scheme. Teachers plan six whole class reading sessions per fortnight – these are a mixture of teaching sessions (where teachers go through a text with the class, model expression, pick out key vocabulary, answer questions together, model how to answer questions and infer meaning etc.) and application sessions where pupils answer questions either in groups, pairs or independently.


Our school recognises the importance of enjoyment of listening to, and reading a variety of books. We foster a love of reading by devoting at least 15 minutes of each day to class novels. During this time, all pupils have stories read to them; these may be free choice from the classroom reading area or taken from each year groups 'Five books to read'; which offer a broad range of different text types including: The Funny One, The Adventure One and The Poetry One. 


Our school library offers a wide selection of books that can be used to support other curriculum areas and develop a love of reading. There really is nothing better than getting comfy with a good book! 

All of our classrooms have well stocked attractive reading areas, where children can choose from a range of books and take home as an additional 'free reader book'. Children are encouraged to read a variety of texts at home, using both their school reading scheme book and book of their choice. 



Introducing... Oakhill's Reading Shed!

Awaiting its official opening, our very own reading shed is filled with books which have been allocated to each year group making them suitable for children from Nursery up to Year 6. Our Year 6 ambassadors will be trained as librarians and loan our books out. This will offer our children an even greater opportunity to choose books that they want to read and take them home to share with their family, bringing them back once finished to exchange for another. There is a mixture of modern novels, classics, picture books, poetry books and many more to choose from. 

How many books will you loan out from our Reading Shed?