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Together as One

In RE we learn about the beliefs and thoughts of ourselves and others.

Religious Education

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At Oakhill, we follow the Stoke-on-Trent agreed syllabus for RE. The curriculum in EYFS begins with children developing a positive attitude towards their peers, respecting their right to have beliefs that are different to their own.  Children from EYFS to Year 6 are taught RE through stories, visitors, circle time, images and artefacts. This learning continues through Key Stages 1 and 2 where children look at the five main religions. They develop an understanding of the influence of beliefs, values and traditions on individuals, communities, societies and cultures. Children are encouraged to discuss similarities and differences between religions and their beliefs, understanding the importance of dialogue between them.


Substantive and Disciplinary Knowledge in RE


Substantive knowledge is the carefully sequenced, factual knowledge that we learn through our curriculum; our life-long learning and other information that we learn alongside this. Substantive knowledge cannot be learnt in isolation, but requires prior knowledge that enables us to make sense of what we have learnt. We learn this through the sequencing of our lessons. Prior knowledge must be revisited and misconceptions actively diagnosed.


Disciplinary knowledge is the way in which we learn. In RE we learn through looking at religious artefacts, comparing religious texts and through discussion.


Progression in RE


Progression is carefully planned into our RE curriculum. We evidence this in a number of ways including the following: 


  • SACRE - A ‘spiral’ curriculum, where pupils revisit these core concepts in different contexts as they move through the school. These varied encounters deepen pupils’ understanding of the meaning of these concepts within the overall ‘big story’ of the Bible as well as many other religious and non-religious faith groups.
  • Vocabulary progression
  • Detailed medium term plans with essential information to enhance teacher knowledge – digging deeper sections to extend further learning

What our pupils say about RE at Oakhill


"I enjoyed learning about the different theories on how the world started. I didn't know this before and this allowed me to have my own opinion."

"I like the fact that we show our understanding in lots of different ways like drawing or writing"

"RE is good because it helps everyone have respect for peoples views and beliefs"