Oakhill Primary School

‘Working together for a brighter future’

Aspirations and Careers

Our aspirations and careers lead is Miss Else who can be contacted through the school office.


As part of our aspirations and careers programme, pupils in Year 5 pupils begin to take part in the ‘Explore University’ project. This runs for two years alongside Staffordshire and Keele Universities. Over the two-year project pupils have four interactions with the university.


The first interaction occurs at school in Year 5 when pupils are introduced to universities, discussing what they are and who goes to university. The key learning from this is for pupils to understand that anyone can attend university, no matter what their background or life circumstances. Following this, pupils attend either Staffordshire or Keele University and take part in activities decided in discussion with the school. During this day there will also be a tour of the campus to enable pupils to see the facilities that the university offers for the wider life of students.  In year 6, the project continues, firstly in school where pupils learn about the different courses that can be studied at university, careers and budgeting. As the final interaction of the project pupils visit Keele University to complete further educational based activities (discussed with the school). This day ends with a graduation ceremony and refreshments.


The project is designed to:

  • Provide a range of general information and activities to heighten pupil awareness of and interest in higher education.
  • Increase awareness of young people to recognise where their learning journey can take them.
  • Encourage motivation of learners in the early stages of their learning.
  • Support young learners and help prepare them for progression to higher education.
  • Improve advice and guidance on choosing higher level subjects, financial information, careers opportunities.


Our aspirations action plan has further information on how we plan to develop this area in the future.