Oakhill Primary School

‘Working together for a brighter future’

School Council

Oakhill Primary School council is a pupil group made up of 8 children from years 3-6. Children on the school council are elected by their peers and meet together to discuss issues that their classmates have raised with them. They then make suggestions about how things can be improved or changed. Further down this page you will find an update of what the School Council has done during each half term as well as some photos.


SCHOOL COUNCIL – 2021/2022


Here are this year's School Council members:











So far this term, we have held 4 meetings. We have discussed a range of issues such as what rewards pupils can win when collecting Dojos and Acorns and how the school can be improved even more. We take our own minutes in the meetings and then feed these back to staff and to our own classes. We have also discussed how we can help the foodbank in the run up to Christmas. Watch this space to see what else we achieve!




During the spring term we have looked at the role of the school council to see if there are areas for development and raising the profile of the role.  We completed questionnaires and analysed the results to formulate a plan for the next school year. In the first half of the spring term we held a 'Break The Rules' day across the whole school. For example we could have different coloured hair, different clothes, tattoos (not permanent). The list was quite long, but, we had lots of fun raising money for school funds.  In the second half of the spring term we organised an Easter hamper raffle.  We asked all the teachers to donate chocolate in order to make four hampers for each key stage.  We raised an amazing £360.50 for Cash for Kids charity.



SCHOOL COUNCIL – 2020/2021








            Chair and Vice Chair





Autumn 1 2020 - The school council have had their first meeting to discuss ideas and ways to improve the school for all pupils. The ideas were very extensive from improving the school environment to healthy eating and emotional wellbeing.  There were lots of suggestions for providing information to help pupils remember to stay in their bubbles, wash their hands and social distancing.

 Autumn 2 2020 - The school council have organised a collection for the local foodbank. They collected a staggering 26 crates of food to help people in the community and that is all down to the generosity of the whole school. The school council are overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity in the current circumstances.




Unfortunately, due to the ongoing Covid-19 issues, School Council were unable to meet in person for the remainder of the year.





Local Democracy Visit - 15th October 2019

New gym equipment

Visit to the Kings Hall Council Chambers - Local Democracy Week 12th October 2018