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Welcome to Redwood!


Class teacher:  Miss Smith
Support staff: Miss Leonard and Mrs Weaver
Cover staff: Mrs Brailsford

Welcome to Redwood's class page. We pride ourselves on being a warm, friendly class, who are enthusiastic about our learning journey. We encourage a love of learning through a challenging enquiry based Learning Challenge Curriculum.


We have been learning new writing skills and consolidating skills learnt in previous years through different novels. The books and animations which inspire our writing throughout the year are:
The BFG 
Kaspar the Prince of cats.

Partly Cloudy - Pixar animation 


Coming Home



Children are encouraged to read five times a week at home - please remember to sign their reading diary every time they have read. 

Maths is taught daily and children will be continuing to develop the maths skills they learnt in year 3. It is very important for children to learn their times tables on a regular basis at home and they will be tested every Friday. 

Oakhill Alumno Curriculum
Each topic focuses on a question, which is then explored through individual lessons. We start each topic with a wow factor to engage children and enthuse their learning. Throughout the year we will be learning the following topics:

Autumn Term: Ice, Ice Baby!

In this topic we will explore the Titanic and the pathway from creation to the sinking. We will look at who was to blame for the sinking and what the people were like on board. Through this topic, we will be covering states of matter in science and performing lots of experiments looking at solids, liquids and gases. We will be starting our topic with an exciting experience day from One Day Creative all about the Titanic!


Spring Term: The shocking truth of the Roman Empire!

During the Spring term, we will be looking at the Roman Empire. We will be comparing the life of a Roman to the life of people now. In addition to this, we are going to be discovering what life was like as a Roman soldier and also how the Romans have affected life for us today. Within the topic for our art and DT projects, we will be making a clay vase and a Roman catapult! How exciting!! Our trip is going to be to the Dewa experience in Chester where we can spend the day as a Roman soldier marching around the streets of Chester.


Summer Term: Humans and the world we live in.

Throughout this topic, we are exploring the world that we live in and how our actions can affect the environment for animals. We are going to research conservation and how important it is to look after the living things that we share our planet with. We are also going to look at the different habitats that are found on Earth and the differences and similarities between them. Within our topic we are going to cover art, DT and geography as well as lots of Science! Our trip is going to be to a nature reserve where we can look at the eco systems that are found locally and how pollution or environmental factors can affect the eco system. 

Our planned trips for this year are:
Titanic workshop

Chester Roman Experience

A field trip for science investigations



The Titanic workshop:


Roman Trip

Things to remember
Homework is set on a Friday and needs to be returned by the following Friday. 
Reading books and diaries need to be brought to school every day.
P.E. kits are to worn every Friday - Fitness Friday.

KS2 Phase Leader (Miss Harris)

To contact the phase leader for KS2 please complete the form below.