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'Travelling through time'

In history we learn about the past.


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Our history curriculum offers children a coherent knowledge and understanding of the past; it provides children with opportunities to look at artefacts and to ask questions about what the past was like.  From EYFS to Year 6 children look at progressive timelines, placing themselves within this to gain an understanding about the previous periods of time and the changes that have occurred. The curriculum has been designed to provide children with knowledge and understanding about the history of the United Kingdom, including our local area, and that of the wider world. We intend to create children who are inquisitive about the past and who understand that each era is different from the next, whilst building their understanding of society.


For further information on how our Early Years unit provides the foundations for History please follow this link to the EYFS page:


Substantive and Disciplinary Knowledge in History


Substantive knowledge is the carefully sequenced, factual knowledge that we learn through our curriculum; our life-long learning and other information that we learn alongside this. Substantive knowledge cannot be learnt in isolation, but requires prior knowledge that enables us to make sense of what we have learnt. We learn this through the sequencing of our lessons. Prior knowledge must be revisited and misconceptions actively diagnosed.


Disciplinary knowledge is the way in which we learn. In history we learn through critical thinking, through evaluating and comparing sources and evidence, and historical interpretation.  


Progression in History


Progression is carefully planned into our History curriculum. We evidence this in a number of ways including the following: 


  • Historical strands coverage
  • Vocabulary progression
  • Strand progression across year groups
  • Specific strand progression (chronology, similarity and difference, source work)
  • Timelines – progression within a year and throughout school building topic on topic and year on year.


What our pupils say about history at Oakhill:

'I have loved learning about the Titanic. It has been so interesting looking at different sources of information.'

'Its amazing seeing what happened in my family's past.'

'You can see and find history everywhere! It's great!'

History Progression and Topics