Oakhill Primary School

‘Working together for a brighter future’

Behaviour and Attitude

At Oakhill we recognise pupil effort, achievement and attitude through certificates given out at our weekly achievement assembly.


Our weekly certificates recognise pupils who have demonstrated one of our school values - respect, ambition, confidence, independence, empathy and resilience


Ofsted graded Behaviours and Attitudes as 'Outstanding' during our latest inspection in October 2023. Their report stated: "Behaviour in school is exemplary. Pupils are courteous and polite as they move around school. Pupils are motivated learners, and they show respect for one another. Pupils feel safe in school. They can confidently explain how to keep themselves mentally and physically healthy."



We also present a weekly award to a pupil who has shown great pride in their work. This is our Caudwell Award.

We recognise fabulous handwriting through handwriting heroes. We look at pupil handwriting each half term. Pupils who have demonstrated a high standard of handwriting are awarded a certificate and a handwriting heroes pencil.

Each of our classrooms has a 'Let's Celebrate' display. Class teacher's choose pieces of work from across the curriculum that they feel deserve to be shared and celebrated. 

For daily recognition and praise we use Class Dojo


Pupils can earn Dojo's each day. They can earn a Dojo for:

- being in school on time (by 8.45am);

- wearing the correct school uniform (including correct PE kit); 

- for bringing in their reading book.


Pupils can then earn an unlimited amount of Dojos for the behaviour and attitude throughout the day. 


If children are absent, they will receive no Dojos.


For every 25 Dojo's pupils earn they are rewarded with an Oakhill Acorn. These Acorns can be saved up and spent on a range of prizes (see below) or privileges. 


Parents and carers can use Class Dojo to see how their child is getting on each day by downloading the Class Dojo app and adding their unique personal code which is sent out by the school. New codes can be requested at any point and they will be sent out straight away.