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Online Safety Support For The Home

At Oakhill Primary School we take safety on the Internet very seriously. On this page you will find videos to help support you in working with your child to stay safe on the Internet as well as activities that you could do with your child.


There are also links at the bottom of the page are for parents and carers to use to keep up to date with Online Safety.


At home you could support our work in keeping the children safe online by:

  • Exploring the interactive sites (at the bottom of the page) with your child
  • Watching the videos and sharing them (or the information from them) with your child as appropriate for their age.
  • Completing the activities together with your child.
  • Checking the sites your child accesses on tables and phones
  • Checking your childs text messages, photographs, Snapchat and Whatsapp regularly
  • Talking to your child about what they are doing online
  • Discussing the dangers of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram and discuss with your child why these sites have an user age of 13

Online Safety Sessions for Parents


We host 6 webinars per academic year for parents to develop understanding of the most current online safety issues. These sessions are provided by Skips Educational and Knowsley City Learning Centre. Our last session was held on Wednesday 7th February 2024.


A link to a recording of the latest session with Knowsley can be accessed here: 

January 2024 Parents Session


The sessions are extremely well received with the feedback attached below. Some of the comments included:


"I would just like you to know the Webinar session tonight was very informative and a real eyeopner to what goes on in the online world....I'm so glad I signed up to watch it. Even though I know certain things go on online, I didn't realise how much!" (2023)


“As parents we need to see this. Eye opening to what we presume our children would not do. A Very big thank you” (2022)

“It was excellent and easy to follow. The gaming shocked me and my wife. Sorry to say, we have allowed our son to play GTA and COD online with his friends. We have spoken to him and he has agreed not to play them anymore. We have actually just sold them on eBay” (2022)

“VERY uncomfortable and even more worried that our young children can easily have access to this. This training should be compulsory for all parents. Highly recommended” (2022)


“I’m so happy the school invited me. We make more time for screen free activities and found it so much easier to talk about how they can stay safe. A very big thank you" (2021)

“This is something I would never have thought about. Very important we know what our children are doing. Excellent session and so helpful” (2021)

“Me and my wife found the webinar powerful and such an eye-opener. We have reviewed all our parental settings on our devices since the session” (2021)


Skips website also has lots of further useful information including excellent parent guides:


Safer Internet Day 2024

This film is part of our Safer Internet Day 2024 campaign resource materials. The film is intended for children aged 7-11 and can be used alongside the Safer Internet Day 2024 education packs for this age group. It aims to support activities and to kickstart conversations around this year's theme of change and influence on the internet.

Safer Internet Day 2023

Safer Internet Day 2023 will take place on the 7th of February 2023, with celebrations and learning based around the theme 'Want to talk about it? Making space for conversations about life online'.

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