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Capturing Creativity

In Art we are creative with different mediums


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The creativity of the arts is seen in its rawest from in the EYFS where children spontaneously engage in creativity. We intend to foster this artistic creativity throughout the school through our weekly discrete art lessons. Our art curriculum is split into six units of work, each looking at a different artist. Through these artists, each year children will complete a unit of work in sketching, painting, textiles, sculpture, 3D and print. We believe that the emphasis of art should be placed on the process of creating the art and the knowledge, skills and understanding that has been learnt, rather than the end product. Through each unit we provide children with the opportunities to research, to experiment, to design, to make and to evaluate.


Substantive and Disciplinary Knowledge in Art


Substantive knowledge is the carefully sequenced, factual knowledge that we learn through our curriculum; our life-long learning and other information that we learn alongside this. Substantive knowledge cannot be learnt in isolation, but requires prior knowledge that enables us to make sense of what we have learnt. We learn this through the sequencing of our lessons. Prior knowledge must be revisited and misconceptions actively diagnosed. Prior knowledge must be revisited and misconceptions actively diagnosed.


Disciplinary knowledge is the way in which we learn. In art we learn through the interpretation of elements, how they can be used and combined and through the critical evaluation of artists work.



Progression in Art


Progression is carefully planned into our Art curriculum. We evidence this in a number of ways including the following: 


  • Art Skills progression (by medium and year group)
  • Art lesson sequencing
  • Progression within individual units


What our pupils say about Art at Oakhill

"I like learning about artists so we know how they work."

"We get to do a lot of sketches to practise our shading."

"I enjoy painting and drawing because it makes me happy."



Art Progression and Topics

Self Portrait Art Exhibition

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Check out our recent art exhibition showing off a selection of our self portraits. The whole school did these as part of our portrait week. This clip is taken from a MAT wide online art exhibition which can be viewed here: