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Mountains of Knowledge

In Geography we learn about the world we live in


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Our geography curriculum focusses on map work and locational knowledge, providing children with a strong sense of the world around them and their place within this. Beginning in EYFS children learn about our school. Each year this knowledge and understanding is built on, moving from the school to the local area, to the UK, to Europe and, finally, to the wider world. Physical and human geography are widely discussed, as is the impact of human activity on the world. Children learn about the earth’s natural resources and natural geographical phenomena such as earthquakes and volcanoes. Local area fieldwork is used to put much of the geographical learning into context and children look at the geography of the local area each year. Through our geography curriculum we intend to create children who are curious about the world around them; who want to find out where things are, why they are there and how and why they change over time.  

What our pupils say about Geography at Oakhill


"I like finding out about different countries and using the maps."

"Learning about the local area and how it has changed is my favourite part."

"Fieldwork is fun because we learn outside!"