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At our school we love using technology! Because of this we are constantly looking for ways to develop and improve the ways in which we use ICT in all subjects. We currently teach Computing to each class once a week using a fantastic programme called 'Purple Mash.' This involves us learning how to code, make music, produce art work and much more! 


Children have their own log in and password, which they can use at school and home to access many activities. 


To login go to:



 ICT is also used in the vast majority of lesson through interactive whiteboards, computers and laptops. Teachers use ICT to enhance Maths and English lessons as well as completing research in a wide range of subjects.

Each class uses the ICT room at least once a week for their Computing lessons and all classes regularly use the iPads to enhance learning in all subjects. Pupils are confident in using the internet and have a very good understanding of Online Safety.

Online Safety

At Oakhill Primary School we take safety on the Internet very seriously and the links at the bottom of the page are for parents and carers to use to keep up to date with Online Safety.

At home you could support our work in keeping the children safe online by:

  • Exploring these interactive sites with your child
  • Checking the sites your child accesses on tables and phones
  • Checking your childs text messages, photographs, Snapchat and Whatsapp regularly
  • Talking to your child about what they are doing online
  • Discussing the dangers of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat and Instagram and discuss with your child why these sites have an user age of 13

SMSC in Computing 

Spiritual Moral Social Cultural
Encouraging students to become independent learners who are
e-confident and capable of researching, processing, storing, analysing, exchanging and presenting information.
Considering the way in which we and others can use ICT for both positive and negative purposes, for example by the discussion of issues surrounding the misuse of and access to personal data. 
Studying modules on e-safety, students are required to deepen their understanding of social media and the advantages these sites have brought as well as the numerous problems such as cyber bullying.
Challenging students to think about how different cultures access and use the internet and what implications this has on the individual and the culture.
Considering and understanding of the digital divide and the advantages some cultures may have over others in this respect.