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Succeeding in a Digital World 

In Computing we learn to learn technology. 


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Computing begins in our EYFS where children have daily opportunities to access computers and other electronically controlled devices such as remote control cars, CD players, BeeBots and recordable microphones. From Years 1-6 children are taught discrete computing lessons on a weekly basis. From 2022, we moved to using the TEACH Computing scheme of work as, after a great deal of research, we felt this best meets the needs of our pupils and is planned by a vastly experienced team of Computing experts to ensure excellent quality.


We also teach discreet Online Safety sessions each half term using and adapting Project Evolve resources. This is in addition to the Online Safety work done through our PSHE curriculum (Jigsaw).


Substantive and Disciplinary Knowledge in Computing 


Substantive knowledge is the carefully sequenced, factual knowledge that we learn through our curriculum. Substantive knowledge cannot be learnt in isolation, but requires prior knowledge that enables us to make sense of what we have learnt. We learn this through the sequencing of our lessons. Prior knowledge must be revisited and misconceptions actively diagnosed.


Disciplinary knowledge is the way in which we learn. In computing we may learn through our use of computer programs and digital content.


Progression in Computing


Progression is carefully planned into the TEACH Computing scheme and we use this to continally assess where pupils are in their learning both within a unit, from one unit to the next and across year groups. We also have a progression document for Computing vocabulary. 

Computing Progression and Topics

What our pupils say about Computing at Oakhill


"I like using Scratch and learning how to code."

"I loved learning how to use Excel and how to be safe online"

"Typing on word and changing the colours and fonts was my favourite!"