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At the Heart of Our Soul

In Music we learn that Music is the art of sound.


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Music in EYFS is through singing, rhythm and rhyme, and through continuous provision activities which include musical instruments and pots and pans! Music lessons from Year 1 to 6 follow the Charanga scheme of learning. This provides opportunities for singing and playing the xylophone and/or recorder to a wide range of songs from different cultures, artists and genres. Children are given opportunities to compose, improvise and refine their own musical compositions, performing these to the wider school. Throughout these lessons children are taught about the elements of music such as pitch and rhythm, musical history, harmony, melody and notation.


Knowledge and Skills in Music


In Music we focus on 3 main aspects:

  • Technical - this is how accurately pupils can play an instrument, use their voice or use technology to produce their desired outcome.
  • Constructive - this is how we develop pupils understanding of musical components, for example; tone, pitch and pace.
  • Expressive - this is the way in which we develop children to be creative within music lessons and includes ensuring we expose pupils to a wide range of music throughout their time at Oakhill.


Progression in Music


Progression is carefully planned into our Music curriculum. We evidence this in a number of ways including the following: 


  • Development Matters EYFS
  • National Curriculum Music programmes of study KS1 and KS2
  • Charanga progression 
  • Vocabulary progression


What our pupils say about Music at Oakhill

“I like learning tricky words, the pulse is the steady beat of the music”

“Playing the recorder, listening to different types of music – rock and jazz”

 “Structure of the songs and listening to different genres. Playing different instruments.”