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Music in EYFS is through singing, rhythm and rhyme, and through continuous provision activities which include musical instruments and pots and pans! Music lessons from Year 1 to 6 follow the Charanga scheme of learning. This provides opportunities for singing and playing the xylophone and/or recorder to a wide range of songs from different cultures, artists and genres. Children are given opportunities to compose, improvise and refine their own musical compositions, performing these to the wider school. Throughout these lessons children are taught about the elements of music such as pitch and rhythm, musical history, harmony, melody and notation.


For further information on how our Early Years unit provides the foundations for Music please follow this link to the EYFS page:


Our Music curriculum songs and genres by year group are as follows:








Year 1


Hey You, Rhythm in the Way We Walk & Banana Rap

How do pulse, rhythm and pitch work together?

How to pulse, rhythm and pitch work together.

Pulse, rhythm and pitch, rapping, dancing and singing.

In the Groove & Round and Round

How do I get in the groove with different styles of music?

How to be in the groove with different styles of music.

Pulse, rhythm and pitch in different styles of music.

Your Imagination & Reflect, Rewind and Replay

How do I use my imagination?

Using your imagination when listening to music.

Year 2

Hands Feet and Heart & Ho Ho Ho

What does South African music sound like?

South African music.

Festivals and Christmas music.

I Wanna Play in a Band & Zootime

How do you play in a band?

Playing together in a band.

Reggae as a genre.

Friendship Song & Reflect, Rewind and Replay

How can music bring us together?

Positive lyrical messages regarding friendship.

Year 3

Let your Spirit Fly & Glockenspiel 1

What is RnB?

RnB as a genre.

Introduction to glockenspiels, exploring and developing playing skills.

Three Little Birds & The Dragon Song

What is reggae?

Revisiting and developing understanding of the genre.

Music from around the world, celebrating differences.

Bringing us Together & Reflect, Rewind and Replay

What is disco?

Disco as a genre.

Celebrating hope and unity.

Year 4

Mamma Mia & Glockenspiel 2

Who were ABBA?

ABBA’s music and the 70s pop style.

Developing glockenspiel skills.

Stop! & Lean on Me

How do I write lyrics?

Writing lyrics along a given theme.

Soul and gospel music as a genre.

Blackbird & Reflect, Rewind and Replay

Who were The Beatles?

Introduction to The Beatles’ music.

Equality and civil rights.

Year 5

Livin’ on a Prayer & Classroom Jazz 1

What is rock music?

What is jazz?

Classic rock anthems.

Jazz and improvisation.

Make you Feel my Love & The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

What is a pop ballad?

What is hip hop?

Introduction to the genres of pop ballads and Old School hip hop.

Dancing in the Street & Reflect, Rewind and Replay

What is Motown?

Introduction to Motown as a genre.

Year 6

Happy & Classroom Jazz 2

What is neo-soul?

How do you improvise in jazz and blues?

Positive message in modern pop.

Jazz composition and improvisation.

A New Year Carol & You’ve Got a Friend

What is a cover version?

Who was Carole King?

The concept of arrangement of music in different genres – Benjamin Britten.

Introduction to the music of Carole King.

Music and Me & Reflect, Rewind and Replay

How does music affect my identity?