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Design and Technology

Design and Technology 


'Planning for purposeful production'

In D&T we design, create and evaluate

Design Technology

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The beginnings of our design technology curriculum can be seen through the continuous provision opportunities provided in the EYFS where children create and construct. Moving into Key Stages 1 and 2, we follow the Kapow scheme of work. We develop pupils knowledge and understanding by ensuring that our DT curriculum provides children with the opportunities to research, to experiment, to design, to make and to evaluate. Each year children undertake three design technology projects, one of which is food technology. Other projects involve textiles, woodwork, mechanisms and structure. Incorporated within some of these projects is the use of electronics and computer coding. Children are given opportunities to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of a wide range of materials and equipment through practical activities in a safe and controlled environment. 


Substantive and Disciplinary Knowledge in DT


Substantive knowledge is the carefully sequenced, factual knowledge that we learn through our curriculum; our life-long learning and other information that we learn alongside this. Substantive knowledge cannot be learnt in isolation, but requires prior knowledge that enables us to make sense of what we have learnt. We learn this through the sequencing of our lessons. Prior knowledge must be revisited and misconceptions actively diagnosed.


Disciplinary knowledge is the way in which we learn. In DT we learn through researching, designing, making and evaluating products.


Progression in DT


Progression is carefully planned into our DT curriculum. We evidence this in a number of ways including the following: 


  • Knowledge and skills overviews (structures, food, textiles and mechanisms)
  • Vocabulary progression
  • Progression of individual units showing how they are sequenced


What our pupils say about Design and Technology at Oakhill


"Trying different pasties was so much fun - even though some of them didn't taste nice."

"I made pastry and it made me really proud."

"We do projects and make things that we've designed which we really enjoy."