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Design and Technology

Design Technology


The beginnings of our design technology curriculum can be seen through the continuous provision opportunities provided in the EYFS where children create and construct. Moving into Key Stages 1 and 2 we develop this further by ensuring that our DT curriculum provides children with the opportunities to research, to experiment, to design, to make and to evaluate. Each year children undertake three design technology projects, one of which is food technology. Other projects involve textiles, woodwork, mechanisms and structure. Incorporated within some of these projects is the use of electronics and computer coding. Children are given opportunities to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of a wide range of materials and equipment through practical activities in a safe and controlled environment.


For further information on how our Early Years unit provides the foundations for Design Technology please follow this link to the EYFS page:


Our Design Technology Projects by Year group are as follows:







Year 1

Queen Elizabeth’s carriage.


Fruit kebab

Veggie sticks and dips.


Animal hand puppet


Year 2

Prehistoric levers


Fruit salad

Vegetable couscous


Investigating and making model playground equipment.


Year 3

Tudor House


Cushion cover



Bread rolls

Pasta and vegetable salad



Year 4

Vegetable pizzas

Chocolate cakes



Clown with electrical component.




Roman pulleys


Year 5

Rationing recipes

Vegetable pasties

Carrot cookies


Build a toy using cams



Draw-string bag



Year 6

Photo frame




Lighthouse/Fairground ride



Vegetable curry


Naan Bread