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Who's who

Meet the staff at our school!

Mrs J Leach - Headteacher
Mr S Smith - Deputy Headteacher
Mrs S Sharman - Business Manager
Miss K Harris - Assistant Headteacher / KS2 Lead
Mr M Hales - Assistant Headteacher / EYFS&KS1 Lead
Mrs L Alliband - Y5 Teacher/SENCO & Inclusion Lead
Mrs K Heath - Y6 Teacher
Mr N Warren - Y6 Teacher
Mrs K Huddleston - Y5 Teacher
Mr D Sayers - Y4 Teacher
Mrs C Linley-Simon - Y4 Teacher
Mrs E Warburton - Y3 Yeacher
Mr S Bennett - Y3 Teacher
Miss O Brayford - Y2 Teacher
Mrs L Simpson - Y2 Teacher
Mr P Dawes - Y1 Teacher
Mrs L Shabir - Y1 Teacher
Mrs M Dawes - FS2 Teacher
Mrs S Jones - FS2 Teacher
Mrs E Palmer - FS1 Teacher
Mrs L Pirie - FS1 Teacher
Miss C Swindail - Teacher
Mrs A Brailsford - Senior Cover Supervisor
Ms J Somogy - Lead Learning Mentor
Miss T Shelukindo - Learning Mentor
Mrs A Keay - Home School Link Worker
Mrs D Jones - Inclusion Support Officer
Mrs E Durber - Early Years Practitioner
Mrs S Rhodes -  Learning Support Practitioner
Miss A Thomas - Learning Support Practitioner
Mrs M Corne - Learning Support Practitioner
Mrs M Munro - Learning Support Practitioner
Miss K Pearce - Learning Support Practitioner
Ms T Charlton - Learning Support Practitioner
Mrs J Taylor - Teaching Assistant
Miss J Leonard - Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Fulcher - Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Weaver - Teaching Assistant
Miss T Palmer - Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Morris - Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Hill - Supervisory Assistant
Mrs S Talukder - Supervisory Assistant
Miss K Smith - Office Manager
Mrs J Cooke - Administration and Finance Assistant
Miss C Butcher - Administration and Finance Assistant
Mrs R Dennis-Benn - Environmental Assistant
Mrs S Cowen - Catering Supervisor
Mrs P Davies - Assistant Catering Supervisor
Mrs J Finney - Catering Assistant
Miss L Ireland - Midday Assistant
Miss S Snape - Midday Assistant
Mr R Davies - Site Supervisor
Mr A Watts - Assistant Site Supervisor