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Reading is at the heart of learning at Oakhill Primary School.

We believe that reading is a valuable and rewarding experience and that the importance of laying a firm foundation in this crucial area will allow children to access all areas of the curriculum successfully. We believe that success in reading opens doors to a world of knowledge. 

Our school recognises the importance of enjoyment of listening to, and reading a variety of books. We foster a love of reading by devoting the last ten minutes of each day to stories. During this special time, every class sits down to enjoy having their class novel read to them. To make this time especially enjoyable, every teacher has been trained in storytelling.

All of our classrooms have well stocked attractive reading areas, and we have a Roald Dahl themed school library. Children are encouraged to read a variety of texts at home, and their home reading is recorded on our Reading Race in every classroom. We really value the huge contribution that parents make in the development of reading and our home school reading diaries are a great method of communication between teachers and parents in order to ensure good progress.

The primary approach to teaching reading is through good quality phonics teaching. Children have a daily phonics session in all classes until they no longer need this. The school uses the 'Letters and Sounds' approach, with 'Jolly Phonics' which emphasises the sound the letters make. The main reading scheme is phonic based - 'The Phonic Bug Club', with 'The Oxford Reading Tree' and PM (Nelson Thornes) scheme running alongside this. All books are bench marked so that we can check that children are reading at the correct level to ensure that their reading skills progress. Children take home phonics based reading books but will often take home another book alongside this.



We all enjoyed our recent Bedtime Stories themed World Book Day, especially the hot chocolate and cookies! Our Reading Bingo winners were announced during the assembly.

Pupils are encouraged to explore beliefs and experience, respect faiths, feelings and values, enjoy learning about oneself, others and the surrounding world through the use of appropriate texts. Books are also used to appreciate cultural influences, appreciate the role of Britain's parliamentary system, participate in culture opportunities, and to understand, accept, respect and celebrate diversity.

The whole school thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Roald Dahl's 100 birthday on 13th September.

The whole school thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Roald Dahl's 100 birthday on 13th September. 1