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General Information

A warm welcome to Maple Class! Our teachers' names are:

Mrs Simpson
Mrs Munro
Mrs Shabir (Friday)
Mrs Brailsford (Monday pm)
If your child is in Maple, please familiarise yourself with this page as it will let you know the various activities the class are currently involved in. 

Here is our weekly timetable:



Things to remember!
- P.E is on Tuesdays- please ensure your child always has their kit in school and that jewellery (earrings, necklaces, etc.) is removed.

- We encourage children to read 5 times a week at home. Please remember to sign their reading diaries as all children are competing in the Reading Race and have a chance to win prizes every half term. 

-Please ensure ALL your child's clothing is clearly named.

-Homework is given out every Wednesday and must be returned to school by Monday. Please ensure you only support your child with the task rather than `give them the answers`. Homework will alternate between an English and Maths activity.


In English lessons we focus on traditional tales, chronological reports and instructions. We use Talk for Writing to help children learn stories and imitate the language they need to write their own story. 

This half term we will be looking at:
- Hansel and Gretel

- The Three Little Pigs

We are working very hard to ensure all our sentences have capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We are including adjectives in our writing and reading our work back to check it makes sense. We are beginning to use conjunctions, such as 'and', 'but', 'or' and 'because'.


We are using Maths Mastery to ensure all children develop strong foundations in maths. This year we will secure our number bonds to 10 and 20, we will add and subtract numbers using a number line, and learn how to add 10 more and 10 less to any given number to 100.

This term, we will read the time to o'clock and half past the hour, as well as name common 2D and 3D shapes whilst making reference to their properties. 

Our topics

We follow the Learning Challenge Curriculum and this is the bases for all our topics throughout the year.
Autumn Term

Our geography lessons will explore meerkats and why they aren't suited to the north pole. We will look at animals that live in hot and cold climates and why they are suited to their environment. We have a class trip to Peak Wildlife Park (pictures to follow) and Maple class will get the opportunity to see and learn about meerkats, wallabies, penguins and many more animals.

In science we will start by investigating light and dark. We will look at shadows by creating shadow puppets and learn about different light sources. 

Spring Term

Our history topic is, `Would the Beatles win the X-Factor?` We will look at the Beatles and culture in the 1970s. We will then compare this to the present day.

Our geography topic is, `Where did the wheels on the bus go?` In this topic we are looking at different forms of transport and finding out where the children have visited in the UK. We will also be taking a trip on a mini bus to find out about how people travel.

Summer Term

We will be exploring why Neil Armstrong was a brave person. Through this topic we will be looking at famous people from the past, their achievements and why they are important.

Our science topic is, `Why are humans not like tigers?`. We will be exploring why some animals live in a zoo and why some animals are wild and the differences between these animals. This topic will also give the children the chance to talk about their own pets and their experiences of animals from around the world.

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KS1 Phase Leader (Mrs Simpson)

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