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Mr Smith (Monday) and Mrs Jones (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)
Support staff:
Mrs Rhodes, Mrs Charlton and Mrs Weaver

Class Information
In Apple Class, we work extremely hard to ensure that children leave Oakhill Primary School having achieved the best they can in all areas. We encourage children to become resilient, independent learners.

The children work across Y6 for Maths, this enables us to provide a personalised curriculum for all. We are following the national curriculum for year six. Homework will be given each week and is expected to be completed to a high standard and returned to school on time. We continue to challenge the children to learn their tables as this is a very important skill and will help greatly with the Maths work in class. The children will also continue this year with SumDog online challenges.
Our learning will take place around a variety of texts. There will be a big focus on SPaG (spelling, grammar and punctuation) throughout the year as this is an area that the children will be tested upon in May (SATS). Please support your child by encouraging them to read and practise their spellings. We are working hard to develop a love of reading in Year Six, we encourage children to read daily and rewards are given to those who get their diary signed by an adult.
Learning Challenege Curriculum
We have lots of exciting questions to investigate this term such as:

What does a journey through our body look like?

Why should the world be ashamed of slavery?

We are planning several trips and visits over the year. This is to give children first hand experiences to support their learning. We will be visiting a Power Station, a museum and Stanley Head. We are working with our feeder high schools to provide the children with an experience of a high school. We are also investigating a treat trip for after SATS-Alton Towers!!!!
Things To Remember
P.E. sessions will be on  Monday, all children are expected to take part in this area of the curriculum wearing the correct P.E kit - yellow/white t-shirt, black shorts/tracksuit bottoms and trainers/pumps. It is vital that children bring the correct kit into school as this counts towards their uniform point.
Water- we encourage the children to bring a water bottle into school daily as this hydrates the brain.
Homework- all children are expected to complete and return homework on time. Rewards are given to children who complete homework to a high standard.
Spellings are taken from the school spelling policy and children are expected to learn them weekly.
Reading books and diaries need to be in school daily.
Team points are given to children who arrive at school on time in the correct uniform following the school rules.
Remember our door is always open.
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Y5/6 Phase Leader (Mrs Huddleston)

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