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Welcome To Tulip

Class Teacher: Mr S Bennett 
Teaching Assistant: Miss J Leonard


Welcome to our Class page! 

In Tulip Class we work hard every day to create an enjoyable learning environment where we are encouraged to achieve our best and work together for a brighter future! 


English (writing):

In Year 3 we cover a range of genres including: narrative, recount, poetry, information texts and diary writing. We link our English to our learning theme for example: 'Are you attractive enough?' (Science) is linked to 'The Iron Man' story.


We encourage children to read every day at home - please remember to sign your child's reading diary! Every child in school is trying to read the star on our reading ladder. Five reads in one week reaches the star to win a prize!

Maths Mastery:

In Year 3 we spend a lot of time focusing on number and calculation. This should give children a good foundation and allow them to apply their skills to other mathematical areas. Children are given weekly maths homework on Friday and this is due back into school by the following Wednesday.

Learning Challenge Curriculum:

Throughout the year we will be covering many fun and exciting topics following the new curriculum. Each topic starts with a WOW activity to capture the children's interest and inspire their curiosity to learn more.
The Learning Questions are as follows:

  • Why do so many people go on holiday to the Mediterranean? (Autumn 1)
  • Are you attractive enough? (Autumn 1)
  • Who first lived in Britain? (Autumn 2)
  • What do rocks tell us about the way the Earth is formed? (Autumn 2)
  • What makes the Earth angry? (Spring 1)
  • How can Usain Bolt move so quickly? (Spring 2)
  • How did that blossom become an apple? (Spring 2)
  • Why did Henry VIII invent a new church? (Summer 1)
  • How far can you throw your shadow? (Summer 1/2)
  • Has Greece always been in the news? (Summer 2)

**Things To Remember**

PE Day - Monday afternoon
Spellings - Spellings are given out and tested on a Tuesday and given out on a Monday
Homework (English) - Homework is given out every Thursday (orange books) and is due back into school on Tuesdays.
Homework (Maths) - Homework is given out every Friday and is due back into school on Wednesdays.

KS2 Phase Leader (Miss Harris)

To contact the phase leader for KS2 please complete the form below.