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The Arts

Oakhill Primary School has been awarded an Artsmark Silver Award, in recognition of our commitment to providing quality Arts education to our pupils.


"You have clearly demonstrated that you promote arts and culture values and that all teaching staff understand the ambitions and are engaged in developing them." - Arts Council England





Our most recent Art themed day was based on the artist Edward Tingatinga. We worked in our teams to create work in the style of Tingatinga. 

The nature of the creative process means that Art is able to play a part in a variety of other subjects throughout the curriculum, both as a part of other curriculum areas and in discrete lessons and activities. 

Art gives children of all abilities and backgrounds an opportunity to enjoy learning, to develop creativity and imagination and to succeed, thus raising self esteem. Art gives children the opportunity to engage in process led activities, rather than results oriented activities which in turn encourages divergent thinking, problem solving skills and independence. Art lessons are a perfect way to engage in speaking and listening activities, discussing artist’s work, feelings and creating opportunities to practise peer appraisal.
At our school we value and celebrate all aspects of The Arts, such as music, drama, and dance. We have opportunities for children to work creatively with a variety of media, celebrate their own creativity with exhibitions, learn about the history of art, work with local artists and take part in and watch performances.
Art lends itself to a wide range of Spiritual, Moral, Cultural and Social studies. Students will analyse, engage with and question their own and others work, identify how beliefs, values and meanings are expressed and shared. Students are encouraged to express themselves through their art, which is supported by strong research into the wider world around them.
Making a ceramic salad bowl.
Adding colour to a design for a local exhibition.
Working with a local artist.
Creating tone in a piece for local exhibition
Team Art Day 2015
Team Art Day 2015
Team Art Day 2015



At Oakhill we want our children to develop a love for music. In their lessons the will learn:

know and understand how sounds are made and then organised into musical structures;

know how music is made through a variety of instruments;

know how music is composed and written down;

know how music is influenced by the time, place and purpose for which it was written;

develop the interrelated skills of performing, composing and appreciating music.


Children in KS1 will learn these skills through singing and playing a range of percussion instruments. All children in KS2 learn the ukulele in weekly lessons. Children also have the opportunity to sign up to RockSteady in which they can learn either vocals, keyboard, drums or guitar.


There are also music clubs that happen each week: drum club, ukulele club and choir.