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The creativity of the arts is seen in its rawest from in the EYFS where children spontaneously engage in creativity. We intend to foster this artistic creativity throughout the school through our weekly discrete art lessons. Our art curriculum is split into six units of work, each looking at a different artist. Through these artists, each year children will complete a unit of work in sketching, painting, textiles, sculpture, 3D and print. We believe that the emphasis of art should be placed on the process of creating the art and the knowledge, skills and understanding that has been learnt, rather than the end product. Through each unit we provide children with the opportunities to research, to experiment, to design, to make and to evaluate.


For further information on how our Early Years unit provides the foundations for Art please follow this link to the EYFS page:


Our Art curriculum by topic, strand and artists is as follows:







Year 1

God Save the Queen

Drawing - Frank Auerbach

Painting – Georgia O’Keefe


City of Clay

3D - Picasso

Printing - Emma Bridgewater


Peaky Wilders

Textiles - Ebony Patterson

Digital - Andy Goldsworthy


Year 2

Stone age rocks

Drawing - Faye Halliday

Textiles - Deidre Adams


The Lady of the Lamp

Painting - Kandinsky

Printing - Banksy


Growing in the Garden

3D - Augusta Savage

Digital - Ansel Adams


Year 3


3D - Wedgwood

Digital - Holbein



Drawing - Leonardo Da Vinci

Printing - Warhol


Plants and Animals

Painting - Rousseau

Textiles - Deborah Roberts


Year 4


Painting - Adrian Rigby

Digital - Marta Syrko



3D - Antony Gormley

Textiles - Sumi Perera

Living Things

Printing - Blexbolex

Drawing - Lichtenstein


Year 5

World War II

Drawing - Degas

Painting - Lowry



3D - Giacometti

Textiles - Shannon Weber



Printing - Jean-Michel Basquiat

Digital - Stephen McMennamy


Year 6

Anglo Saxons

3D - Ruth Asawa

Textiles - Debbie Smyth



Sketching - Joan Jonas

Printing - Dogboy


Animals and Humans

Digital - Bjork

Painting - Manet