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Pupil premium

The Pupil Premium is a Government initiative that targets additional funds to raising the attainment of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds. Research shows that these pupils do less well than pupils from more affluent backgrounds and the additional funding is being allocated in order to enable schools to provide additional support and resources for these pupils. The aim is to close the attainment gap between disadvantaged pupils and non-disadvantaged pupils.

The government have used free school meals entitlement as an indicator of disadvantage and pupils are entitled to Pupil Premium funding if they have been entitled to free school meals at any point in the last six years.

At Oakhill Primary our pupil premium pupils generally make good progress by the end of key stage 2.  The data for each year since 2013 can be found in the document below entitled 'Performance of Oakhill Pupil Premium Pupils'

Click onto our 'Pupil Premium Statement' to read about how we decide to allocate the funding each year.  Click onto the 'Pupil Premium Strategy' for each year to find out exactly what the money was spent on and click on the 'Pupil Premium Strategy Impact Statement' to see how successful the previous year's spend was. Click on the 'Performance of Pupil Premium pupils' to find out more detailed information about standards and progress in the relevant key stages. You can also read our 'Pupil Premium Policy' too!