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Parlons français!

(Let's speak french)

In MFL we learn to speak french.


Modern Foreign Language - French

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Modern Foreign Languages 

At Oakhill, we consistently promote the study of a foreign language (in our case, French) because of its increasing importance in both personal development and in global society. We have a visit to France every 2 years for Years 5/6 so that pupils have the opportunity to practice their French speaking for real. Our lessons are taught by Mrs Alliband who is a fluent French speaker.


Oakhill’s MFL curriculum is vibrant, inclusive, systematic and communicates to pupils the principles and benefits to language learning. Our intent is to achieve high quality provision so that all pupils at Oakhill benefit from the unique social and educational advantages and experiences learning a language can bring to pupils at primary school. It provides pupils with a grounding of skills and knowledge in linguistic competence creating a sound basis for further study at KS3 and promotes positive attitudes towards in linguistic diversity in their school and beyond.  


Our aims at Oakhill are:


  • To enable children to understand and communicate in another language.
  • To develop enthusiasm for language learning.
  • To develop language skills and language learning skills.
  • To give the children confidence in interacting with others.
  • To increase the children’s global awareness.
  • To awaken an interest in different cultures and life-styles.
  • To develop children’s understanding of themselves and their culture.
  • To encourage tolerance and a willingness to work co-operatively.
  • To give a sound start for further development at Key Stage 3 and beyond.


The overview below shows which topics are taught to Key stage 2.


Groupe d’annee


Topic One

Regardez Moi-look at me

Moi meme-myself

Ma famille-my family

Mon ecole-my school


Topic Two

Notre beau monde- our beautiful world

Ou j’habite- where I Live

Les pays/les cities- countries and cities

Flore et  faune- flora and fauna


Topic Three

Je m’amuse- I enjoy myself

sports- sports


le manger- food

Concrete Experiences


On y va!

Let s go



Les numeros


Les jours de la semaine

days of the week

Les moins


Les saisons


Les couleurs


Le temps the weather






Novel : Le Petit Prince


 mon nom my name

parents/soeurs/freres parents and siblings

les personnels staff

Mon addresse my address

Stoke on Trent

animaux a la maison animals at home

sports a l’ecole school sports

l’art/le dessinart and drawing

le petit dejeuner breakfast

French breakfast


De plus!

Add more

mon age my age

 grandparents grandparents

l’equipement resources


Ou j’habite where I live (housing)

Londres London

 Les cinq grands de ‘Afrique The Big Five of Africa

natation/equitation swimming and horse riding

le velo cycling

les repas a Noel Xmas meal



Plus haute!

Go higher


mes cheveux/mes yeux my hair my eyes

oncles/tantes/cousins unlces aunties cousins

les lecons


Le Royaume Uni the UK

Paris Pairs

Les oiseaux/les poisons birds and fish

 sports de l’ete summer sports

musique music

 gateaux et desserts cakes and desserts



Le mieux !

The best

mes talents my skills

mes animaux animals

l’environment the environment

France France

Capitals capital cities

plantes et abres

plants and trees

sports d’hiver winter sports

artisanat crafts

le sandwich sandwiches

Visit to France



What our pupils say about learning french at Oakhill.


" I can't wait for french."     

"I want to go to university to learn lots of french."

"I can speak two languages now."  

"I have learned the french songs and can sing them by myself."