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We aim to provide the opportunity for all children to design, make and evaluate various products throughout the year, each covering various key skills allowing for progression. This will be taught through the ALUMNO Curriculum topics as well as through dedicated Design Technology days. Some items that the children may make are Tudor houses, clay pots, Stone Age axes, carriages, cushion covers and much more!

We are continuing to incorporate cooking into our curriculum. This will involve teaching children where food comes from, what makes a healthy balanced meal and using basic skills such as chopping, slicing, grating, mixing and blending.


This year, we are working towards the Bronze Food for Life Award. We will be cooking, growing and harvesting our own food in our allotment, as well as holding a Farmer's Market, visiting a working farm and much more.


SMSC in Design Technology

Spiritual Development in Design Technology 

Investigate products, aesthetic and function

Encouraged to develop their thinking skills

Explore the wider world around them, to reflect upon what they see

Develop an open mind and use this inspiration and creativity when approaching their design work

Using analytical thought processes in order to develop ideas, designs and products.

Moral Development in Design Technology

Pupils are faced with moral decisions through Food technology.

Selecting materials and ways of manufacturing, sustainability and environmental impact.

Through health and safety pupils are expected to show respect to others and take responsibility    for their own actions and of those around them, taking into consideration the consequences.

Social Development in Design Technology 

Pupils are often asked to design and make products to meet a range of needs and value the feedback they receive;

They must show mutual respect when working individually and collaboratively.

Peer and self-evaluation of designed and made items plays a big part in Design & Technology work.

Pupils learn to articulate their thoughts and feelings about their own and others’ work giving targeted advice and positive feedback.

Increased confidence in making positive choices and the ability to use mistakes as a development tool.
Encourage respect of ownership of ideas and work.

Assess objects in terms of usefulness, aesthetics, cost and effectiveness.

Cultural Development in Design Technology

Pupils are taught that all their design work should be sensitive to needs and beliefs of different backgrounds, ensuring all imagery, text and products are suitable for the intended audience.

To think about how their ideas and products can impact on the world around them.

Pupils are encouraged to use the work of artists and designers from a wide range of cultures and historical contexts to influence and support the development of their work.

Encourage tolerance and respect of their own and other cultures.

Year 2
Cous Cous Salad
Healthy Pizza