Oakhill Primary School

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Class Dojo

Oakhill Class Dojo!



Pupils can earn Dojos every day - 1 for being in school on time (punctuality), 1 for being in the correct uniform, 1 for bringing their reading book and an unlimited amount for behaving well all day.
However, if they are not in school they score 0 points for every day they are off!

Punctuality - Pupils need to be in school before 8.45am to earn their punctuality team point.

Uniform - Pupils need to be in full school uniform (including black shoes) and have the correct PE kit on their PE day.


Reading - Pupils need to bring their reading book and home reading card/diary every day!

Behaviour - Pupils can earn positive behaviour points throughout the day for a wide range of reasons.


For every 25 Dojos the pupils earn they are rewarded with an Oakhill Acorn. These Acorns can then be saved up and spent on a range of exciting prizes shown on the photograph below.


Parents can also see how their child is getting on each day by downloading the Class Dojo app and adding their unique personal code which has been sent out. If you need this again please let us know and we will get this sent out straight away.