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Team Points

Oakhill Team Points!


How to earn team points

Pupils can earn up to 3 team points per day - 1 for being in school on time (punctuality), 1 for being in the correct uniform and 1 for behaving well all day.
However, if they are not in school they score 0 points for every day they are off!

Punctuality - Pupils need to be in school before 8.45am to earn their punctuality team point.

Uniform - Pupils need to be in full school uniform (including black shoes) and have the correct PE kit on their PE day.

Behaviour - Pupils need to ensure that they do not reach amber or red on the behaviour tracker at any point during the day.

Team points awards

Bronze - Pupils earn their bronze award if they reach 160 team points. They will get a treat afternoon if they reach this by 7th December.
Silver - Pupils earn their silver award if they reach 320 team points. They will get a treat afternoon if they reach this by 8th March.
Gold - Pupils earn their gold award if they reach 480 team points

Pupils who reach the gold award get to go on a free school treat at the end of the year! Last year pupils went to the cinema to see Despicable Me 3 and got a free drink and popcorn!

Remember - attendance is the most important part of our team points system - you will only reach gold with excellent attendance (above 97%).