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PSHCE: Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education
SMSC Spiratual Moral Social Cultural.

PSHCE/SMSC is a way for children to discuss and deal with their feelings and the challenges they face, whilst growing up. PSHCE/SMSC in school develops the knowledge, understanding and skills young people need to manage their lives, now and in the future to prepare them for life as a well rounded 21st century citizen.
PSHCE/SMSC is developed through school assemblies and is taught discretely or when a situation arises. It is the 
 GOLDEN THREAD running through every lesson the children  attend, it is in their everyday school lives, clubs and in extra curricular events.

 Extra Curriculum activities:
Hugs Not Drugs:
Each term the whole school will take part in a week of activities linked to the age related discussion points of Hugs Not Drugs. In year 1 the children will learn about poisons and family medicines in the home. They look at pictures and in groups discuss what they are,  where they should be stored and the importance that they do not touch them to ensure they stay well and healthy. Before these weeks a letter is sent home to parents/carers to let them know the dates and giving them the option to not have their child partake in these sessions, however some areas are included in the curriculum and they have to be addressed at age related levels.

Wellbeing Days:
Every term the whole school take part in a fun but educational day that consists of peer massage, circle times, the educating of every child being unique and the importance of good mental and physical health. The children talk about healthy diets and why fresh fruit are vital to their own physical well being. Emotional coaching is reinforced so children feel confident about talking about their own needs and concerns. Every child takes part in the Golden Mile. The Upper school children collect the lower school classes, eg: year 6 with Nursery and whilst taking a healthy walk around the school grounds they talk to each other and learn about one another. 

Anti-Bullying Week: 'All Different All the Same' 13th to 17th November 2017
This takes place every November. The children start the week with an assembly to talk about what bullying is, what happens if they believe it is happening to them and who they can speak to.  Children have the chance to buy 'All Different All the Same' bracelets if they want to support this important message. This year we will concentrating on people who inspire us in our lives both at home and in our community. It is essential that the children at Oakhill know they have the RIGHT to feel safe, happy and confident to learn.

Emotional Coaching:
This life skill is taught and modelled by the staff everyday in school. The children are taught how to empathise with one another if their peers feel they have lost control of their emotions with a result of  negative behaviour. They learn how to calmly talk to another, support and encourage each other to find a positive outcome to a situation. So, that they feel good about themselves and that they have taken control and made a good choice.


Children have regular updates and information about how to keep themselves safe when using the internet. They are  taught that it is their RIGHT to feel safe and if they do not who they can speak to about it. In cases where the internet has been used inappropriately they are given support and advice so they understand the negative and sometimes devastating results that can develop through their actions. This skill is vital to ensure our children are well rounded individuals in the 21st century.

Parent Meetings/Workshops:
 Throughout the school year parents will be invited to attend meetings related to their child. These are of great importance to make sure the children continue their education at home and parents/carers also so feel happy and confident in what they do to support their child. These meetings can be found on the school year calendar and if additional meetings take place the children's individual teacher will inform parents through letter or text form.

School Clubs:
There are many opportunities for children to develop as individuals by attending groups of their choice that they have an interest in, a few examples are netball, gardening, creative writing art clubs and sports for girls.

School Visits:
We aim to take the children out of school twice a year to  consolidate their learning from the topic they have recently studied and to extend their interests further. The children from reception to year6 have the opportunity to develop their cultural education by visiting the theatre. In addition to this visitors are welcomed to school, to share their love and knowledge of theatre, history and music.


British Values:

It can be very confusing as child growing up in the 21st century with lots of mixed messages from the media constantly bombarding them. At Oakhill it is important that children have a sense of belonging. We aim to involve all children by learning about each others cultures, beliefs and celebrations and teach them to acknowledge and respect diversity. This year under our British Values umbrella  will highlight and celebrate what makes them British. We will acknowledge Rememberance Day, St.Georges Day and May Day to name but a few activities. Future letters will keep you up to date about activities throughout the school.