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Welcome to Acorns!

The staff who support the children's learning in nursery are:
Mrs Palmer  Mrs Pirie  Mrs Taylor, Miss Palmer and Mrs Durber.
Our lunchtime staff members are Mrs Morris and Mrs Miah.


Our Topics for the Spring term will be Going to build a Home and Fun at the Farm.
Going to build a Home:

In Spring 1 the children will be investigating different homes and materials used. We will be looking at animal homes and human homes.  We will be finding out about the Queen and where she lives.  As a whole school project we will be learning about the endangered orangutan. We would like you to share any experiences you have of homes in other countries and cultures.  We will be investigating materials through the Three Little Pigs story.

Fun at the Farm:

In Spring 2 the children will be learning about farm animals and how a farm works.  We will be planting our own vegetables then harvesting them to produce a healthy meal. We will be visiting a farm and hopefully seeing some lambs being born.  


The children will access small group activities in  Phase 1 phonics which is made up of seven areas.   These are Rhythm and Rhyme, Environmental Sounds, Instrumental Sounds, Alliteration, Voice Sounds, Body Percussion and Oral Blending and Segmenting  We will be introducing Phase 2 phonics with letter names and sounds.


This term we will be focusing on recognising numbers and amounts to 10 and applying these in everyday situations.   We will be talking about more or less than a given number/amount. Please help your child by identifying numbers and shapes in their environment, eg: by asking the children to describe a shape or looking for amounts of objects and saying how many altogether.


During the year we will send homework home on a Friday  to be completed by the following Monday. The work will be sent home in a homework book, please return it to school in the book bag provided by school. Please continue to share extra curriculum activities and family fun to Tapestry, we love reading about your child's adventures.


Every morning we will encourage parents/carers to enter nursery with your child to help them find their coat pegs, collect items from their trays from the previous day and spend a few minutes settling the children and speaking to staff if you need to. We will also encourage parents/carers and children to use our 'Book in a Box' service where you will be encouraged to borrow and return reading books to encourage a love of books. The books can be borrowed daily, weekly or when your child has had enough of the story. All we ask is that no more than 1 book is borrowed at a time, each book is returned before borrowing another and if a book is damaged a member of staff is informed so we can dispose of it and no child will be disappointed by missing or ripped pages in a story. 


Our PE slot is Monday mornings and this will commence in January.
Can we remind ALL parents/carers that children need to come to school in their PE kit and bring their school uniform with them on Monday morning 14th January 2019

P.E kit  (everything named please)
black shorts
white or yellow tee shirt
black pumps
tracksuit (for outdoor lessons)

The book bag which has been provided by the school,  must come into school EVERYDAY please
 to ensure information reaches you.
ALL children will need  coats gloves and hats every day in their bags to make sure they are warm and happy when learning outdoors this term.

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm to help your child with their learning it is appreciated.

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Phase Leader (Mr Hales)

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