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Welcome to Acorns!

The staff who support the children's learning in nursery are:
Mrs Palmer  Mrs Pirie  Mrs Taylor and  Miss Palmer.
Our lunchtime staff members are Miss Croxton and Mrs Miah.


Our Topics for the Summer term will be Minibeasts and Under the Sea.

In Summer 1 the children will learn about different minibeasts and their habitats. They will investigate the life cycles of butterflies, bugs and frogs. Make a minibeast mansion using recycled materials. Create a bee and butterfly garden to investigate why flowers are important for minibeasts. We will be looking at worms and how they move under the soil. Some of the stories we will be reading are Snail Trail, Superworm, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Aaaah! Spider and The Bad Tempered Ladybird.

Under the Sea:

In Summer 2 the children will be investigating under the sea and dry land.  We will be looking at animals and creatures that live in the sea and on the beach in rockpools. Some of our stories will include pirate adventures on the high seas and marvellous mermaids.  The reading list for this half term will include Sharing a Shell, Commotion in the Ocean, The Singing Mermaid, The Fish who could Wish, A Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea, Tiddler, Barry the Fish with Fingers, Pirates Love Underpants and My Granny is a Pirate.


The children will continue to access small group activities in  Phase 1 phonics (singing, hearing sounds and recognising rhyming words) alongside the introduction of Phase 2 letter sounds and simple cvc words eg c-a-t. The children will learn new letter sounds through the Jolly Phonics programme where each letter sound has an action. Please help your child to correctly sound out the letter sounds not the name eg: aaaa not AAA. Thank you


This term we will be concentrating on numbers and amounts to 10 and beginning to solve number problems.  We will also be looking at the properties of shapes, how many edges, corners, faces etc...Please help your child by identifying numbers and shapes in their environment, eg: by asking the children to describe a shape or looking for amounts of objects and saying how many altogether.


During the year we will send homework home on a Friday  to be completed by the following Monday. The work will be sent home in a homework book, please return it to school in the book bag provided by school. Please continue to share extra curriculum activities and family fun to Tapestry, we love reading about your child's adventures.


Every morning we will encourage parents/carers to enter nursery with your child to help them find their coat pegs, collect items from their trays from the previous day and spend a few minutes settling the children and speaking to staff if you need to. We will also encourage parents/carers and children to use our 'Book in a Box' service where you will be encouraged to borrow and return reading books to encourage a love of books. The books can be borrowed daily, weekly or when your child has had enough of the story. All we ask is that no more than 1 book is borrowed at a time, each book is returned before borrowing another and if a book is damaged a member of staff is informed so we can dispose of it and no child will be disappointed by missing or ripped pages in a story. 


Can we remind ALL parents/carers that children need their own PE kit in school at ALL times. Our PE slot is Tuesday mornings.
P.E kit  (everything named please)
Pull cord bag
black shorts
white or yellow tee shirt
black pumps
tracksuit (for outdoor lessons)

The book bag which has been provided by the school,  must come into school EVERYDAY please
 to ensure letters reach you.
ALL children will need  coats gloves and hats every day in their bags to make sure they are warm and happy when learning outdoors this term.

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm to help your child with their learning it is appreciated.

Phase Leader (Mr Hales)

To contact the phase leader for EYFS please complete the form below.